Adrega PI

is a Norwegian software company which develops the web-based project and portfolio management tool Adrega PI (Project Intelligence) as well as offering consultancy services and support. Adrega PI is a leading tool for planning and executing projects of all sizes and complexity.

We have considerable experience from the IT sector and the oil and gas industry, and have senior project control and project management personnel as employees. Our development team has worked with similar solutions over many years and have in-depth knowledge of project management and the types of issues a product like Adrega PI has to solve.

Many features implemented in Adrega PI are as the result of close cooperation with our customers. We have responded to user requirements and turned them into unique functionality that elegantly solves customer problems. Being proactive in listening to our customers’ needs and keeping them informed about our product release plans means that it is a short path from a good idea being requested to it being added to our product.

Adrega PI has been in daily use by many companies since 2005. Adrega has strong customer relations and installations with industry leaders, where Adrega PI is well integrated in their workflows and ERP systems. Adrega PI fulfills oil & gas industry requirements for project reporting.

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