Adrega PI

A user-friendly tool for project and portfolio management

Adrega PI

is a technology-leading project scheduling and control tool designed for Project and Portfolio Management (PPM). It provides a user-friendly approach to advanced project management features. Adrega PI helps you manage any project of any size and complexity, by providing accurate, relevant and up-to-date information as basis for decision making. The system supports time, cost, duration and burn-down models for project monitoring. Adrega PI solves the challenges of managing resources across a portfolio of projects. All reporting and presentation tools support all commonly used web browsers on Windows, Apple, Android and Linux.

Our powerful Adrega PI Primavera reporting tool provides a bridge between Adrega PI and Oracle Primavera®, giving companies a fully integrated project planning, scheduling and reporting solution. This ensures that data shared between systems retains its integrity. The Adrega PI Primavera Reporting Tool is an affordable system that adds significant reporting capabilities to a Primavera solution; and does so in a very elegant way. All the reports can be presented in the built in dashboard, as PDF reports or as Excel files.

Many organizations can save time, money and frustration by using Adrega PI and enjoy the additional features that simply aren’t available in other project management systems.

Let Adrega help you improve your business and execute projects on time, at cost.

Successful projects require continuous monitoring

The main challenge for many businesses is to successfully translate strategies into actions, and monitor and measure, analyse and improve their processes and projects as they develop.

Many companies either do not develop business cases for any of their projects or do them only on select, key projects and lack the relevant metrics in place except for finance. They are unable to adjust and align their budgets with business needs more than once or twice a year.

Project management is one of the most under-systemized areas of business operation. Project groups don't follow standard project management processes or they don't have the right staff working on projects. Project managers don't assess the risks that could harm their projects or determine ways to mitigate those risks.

Companies that implement project portfolio management tools see that their businesses increase productivity and improve their results.

Adrega Project Intelligence (PI)

Adrega PI makes it easy to execute projects on time, at cost, and with the correct quality. It adds value by providing a proactive approach to project management which can help you detect errors and discrepancies early enough to implement corrective actions in a timely manner.

Adrega PI's goal is to provide a platform for project control that supports not only the control aspect of the process but also the communication. Communicating concise, accurate and timely information to external and internal project members both via a comprehensive dashboard is the key to project success.

Adrega PI is currently used in large, multinational industrial groups as well as in smaller technology companies.

Easy to use, advanced functionality

Much of the functionality available in the product is similar to functionality available in Microsoft applications, for example copy/paste, and fill up/fill down. This use of Windows functionality eases the learning curve for new users.

Adrega PI is professional scheduling software based on earned value. It is used to monitor both progress and cost and enables efficient and easy reporting on projects. It also supports data from other planning systems. You can view and share your entire portfolio of projects in one Microsoft SQL database.

Adrega provides you with two licensing options depending on what suits your company best; purchasing licenses or SaaS. Both options give you access to Adrega PI’s powerful and easy to understand tool, entitlement to new releases, upgrades and technical support.

Adrega PI is web-based and supports all commonly used browsers on Windows, Apple, Android and Linux. It is a multi-user system built on a Microsoft SQL-database, and it is flexible and easy to customize to suit your needs.

Our primary requirement is that the program should be easy to use for all types of users, and at the same time support advanced features required by experienced users responsible for complex projects.

A predefined work process within the Planning module makes it simple and easy to understand and use. This leads less experienced users through the process of defining their projects; while the advanced user can do all they need to do in a single place.

Users can define their own views, create groups and filters and set which view should be displayed as default in each option of the Planning module. Such views, groups and filters can be shared with others. The same applies to printed reports and reports that can be viewed in the user's dashboard.

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